Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

MBLAQ RUN English Translation Lyrics

MBLAQ has finally released their 4th mini-album, ‘100% Ver.‘!

Comprised of five tracks, the boys will be promoting “It’s War” as their main song. Fans already received a taste of one of its other tracks with the early digital release of “Scribble“.

The boys also unleashed the music video for their title track, “It’s War“, and it’s jam-packed with gritty action sequences, high tension, and intense acting from the members. Lee Joon and Thunder were spotlighted in a previous teaser, duking it out over a girl who throws herself in harm’s way to protect her lover. Now fans will get to find out the backstory and the result of the fight.

01. “Run”
02. “It’s War”
03. “Scribble”
04. “Jittery Girl”
05. Hello My Ex

MBLAQ RUN English Translation Lyric

You better run run run run (x4)

MBLAQ side to side - look around us but we're still on top
Change your thoughts - finally, the moment has come

Bark what you gotta say
What do you keep barking about? (woo)
I gotta love it and I gotta love my haters man

* You just talk in the front, fake storytellers
You don‘t wanna come through with me just sayin
You don't know me - before it's too late, run away
Oh you better run far from me

** You runnin' ah ah ah ah
You screamin' ah ah ah ah
You like that ah ah ah ah
Crazily ah ah (run) ah ah (run)

Even if you only run one lap around the field, you're already out of breath
If you wanna catch me, of course, you need to quit smoking

Tighten your belt, tighten your shoelaces
If you wanna avoid me, run faster - MBLAQ is back

* repeat

** repeat (x2)

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