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FT Island Grown Man English Translation Lyrics

Band FT Island comeback by unveiling the jacket cover for their new album, GROWN-UP.On the album cover, the boys are holding instruments in their hands and are looking off into the distance, giving off a quiet, mysterious feel. The album drops on January 31st.

Track List
01 Severely
02 Even Had Lost a Friend
03 I'm a Foolish Person
04 Grow Man
05 I Hope You Will Be My Lover

FT Island - Grown Man English Translation Lyrics

A grown man, a normal looking, grown man
Is crying without reason like a four-year-old child

A grown man, a big and tall, grown man
Keeps crying, saying that it hurts, like a child receiving a shot

* They say it'll get better when time passes
They say that new skin will grow and heal
But why can't I, why am I like this?
Why do my tears increase as time goes on?

A grown man, a fearless grown man,
Cries again today till his eyes get red, like a child who lost his mother

* repeat

Like a cold, if only I can be sick for a few days
And like it's nothing, fill up that seat with another person
And start a different love - if only

I probably can't do that, I probably won't
I can't even forget so I'll live with the memories
Because of one woman, a grown man like me
Is only crying all day long

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