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F.I.X Afraid Of Love English Translation Lyrics

F.I.X Afraid Of Love (사랑이 두려워) Fermentation Family OST Lyrics

How did we get to meet like this?
Couldn't it have been just a passing by thing?

How did I come to love you?
Why is our fate so different?

Though I say this can't be, that this isn't it
Though I try to escape, I search for you again

* The farther you get, the more I miss you
I keep, keep getting scared but
My broken heart only looks for you
So I'm afraid, because I love you

How did you become such a painful love?
Why did I love you of all people?

Even when I open my eyes, even when I close them
I think of you so I long for you even more

* repeat

My two feet cannot leave
My two eyes only look at you
Without you, I don't think I can go on

I love you so much
I miss you so much
My heart hurts so much that I think I'll go crazy

I will stay here
Even if I can't love you
Even from far away, I love you

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