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Dream High 2 OST J.Y. Park - Falling English Translation Lyrics

‘Dream High 2‘ aired its first episode today, and its team has released the first OST song!
Sung by J.Y. Park himself (who also acts in the drama), the track is called “Falling“. This mid-tempo love song describes a lover’s feelings as they fall in love. The mature tinge in J.Y. Park’s voice melds perfectly with the R&B melody, giving this drama’s OST series a promising start.

Park Jin Young (JYP) - Falling (Dream High 2 OST) English Translation Lyrics

I think I have fallen in love
Every time I see you, my heart pounds
Starting from some time, my heart got a rush
But now, slowly, it's starting to hurt

You don't know how I feel
So again today, you smile as you approach me
But I can't say anything to you so
I just look at you

* I’m falling in love as time goes by
I’m falling in love - my feelings are growing
Even without you, all day, I think about you
Right here - what should I do?

In your eyes that are looking at me
There aren't any feelings like mine
I endlessly swallow and swallow the words that are rising up
And the more I do that, the greater my feelings get

* repeat

I don't think I can live this way
As days go by, it gets harder
So if my heart reaches out to you
I hope your heart won't change as well

* repeat

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