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Dal Shabet Chu Ma Boy English Translation Lyrics

Girl group Dal Shabet have returned with their 4th mini album, ‘Hit U‘!This mini album is comprised of six tracks, two of which are remixes. The girls will be promoting “Hit U” as their main song, but they’ll also be bringing “Fire It Up” as their intro theme. If the sassiness of “Hit U” and “Fire It Up” aren’t really your thing, you might want to try out “Chu My Boy“, a track that perfectly melds a late-’90s urban vibe with the sweet vocals of Dal Shabet.

01. “Fire It Up”
02. “Hit U”
04. “Dream In U” (Remix)
05. “Hit U” (Remix)
06. “Hit U” (Instrumental)

Dal Shabet - Chu Ma Boy English Translation Lyrics

I thought it wasn't - When I looked at you, I really didn't like you
The clothes you wear every day, the car you drive
If we walk around together, people will probably look at us and talk
Do you think it makes sense that I start dating you?

Why am I doing this?
Do I like you? This can't happen

* Chu ma boy - I fell for you
There are so many hot guys but
I think of you like this
Be ma boy - you stole me away
One by one, I keep liking you

I guess I'm crazy - my heart pounds when I see you
I try to steal your heart, my lips are electrifying
Why am I doing this? My friends keep teasing me
Do I really like you boy?

Anyone can say we're no match
But I keep liking you - hey never my style
This is so funny - do you think that this makes any sense?

Why am I so shy?
How are you so perfect? This can't happen

* repeat

I think I have a fever, I keep swaying back and forth
What to do - I think I love you

* repeat

Chu ma boy
There are so many hot guys but
Be ma boy - I keep...
Chu ma boy

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