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Brian Joo Taking Leave of You English Translation Lyrics

Brian (Feat. Tiger JK) - Taking Leave of You English Translation Lyrics

In this darkness where no one is present
In my heart that is caved with tears
Traces of you are there and hurts me
I'm trying to erase those traces now
Yeah it’s too late now

* I brush it off and stand up
They say that love will come again
Yes, I will leave you and send you off
I will leave you
So I think it’s time
To let this die

For you, I cried and laughed
And you cried and laughed for me too
My old love, who disappeared with the wind
Now I will let you go
And it’s too late now

* repeat

I sincerely hope that you will come back to me
I waited for you
Oh, my heart that hoped that you would return
It has changed - I'm already - yeah, I'm already - yeah

The crossroads of love that already split long ago
Standing in front of it, your heart as changed
And in my changed heart, I still carry the old feelings of attachment
The times of our perfect memories are going back
Only our talks that were hot in the cracks of my heart are repeating
Memories will fade and go away but
I will wait, come back - don't go too far
I will listen to everything, please don't say it's the end
Far far far far, far far far far, Don't go too far

* repeat

To let this die (x4)

(Let go, let go)
Put it to rest now
(Let go, let go)
All you gotta do is

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