Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

B2ST 2011 Beautiful Show Concert Poster

B2ST has released a new poster to coincide with the opening of their ticket sales for their first world tour concert, ‘Beautiful Show‘!

Starting on February 4th in Seoul, B2ST will be taking their ’2012 Beautiful Show‘ to 21 different cities around the world. Tickets for official fanclub members opened on January 2nd, along with a new poster as a gift for their patient fans.

Dressed in suits, the boys are standing on top of spotlights and looking determined to conquer every stage in the world.

Their first solo concert in 2010 did well enough to bring about another encore concert, which sold 30,000 tickets moments after going on sale. To prevent the homepage from crashing like before, ticketing sites have prepared their servers thoroughly for the rush of fans.

Tickets for ‘Beautiful Show in Seoul’ will open for non-fanclub members on January 3rd through Interpark

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