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As One feat Donghae Super Junior Only U English Translation Lyrics

As One is back with a new single called ”Only U“!

As reported earlier, Super Junior‘s Donghae revealed that he collaborated with As One on the track, and that it was an honor to work with them. As One is a highly-respected R&B duo who debuted back in 1999; they’ve captivated audiences for approximately 13 years with their sweet, yet grounded vocals.

“Only U” is mid-tempo pop track that hosts a perfect blend of deep bass and harp sounds to match the girls’ sweet harmony. Donghae also features as a rapper in this track, so Super Junior fans should keep their ears open for his smooth verses.

As One feat Donghae Super Junior Only U English Translation Lyrics

WhenI fall asleep tonight, kiss me
Imissed you today too
Ionly thought about you
Showme your love
SoI won’t leave you even whenthe morning comes
Thewords, “Let’s break up” don’t exist between us

*OnlyU, the words that you sweetly whispered into my ears
OnlyU, the words that I really wanted to hear from you
OnlyU, Only U, Only U
Ionly love you, forever


Onrainy days, be my umbrella
Onsnowy winter nights, sing for me
Hugme in your embrace
Sothat sad tears can’t fall
Iwant to be in love like a main actress in a movie


Formany many days stay next to me
Whilewe care about each other affectionately

Canyou imagine? Just the two of us
Likethe balloon full of love
Wecarefully fill it with memories
Carefulthat it will pop
Let’s forget about the worries
Inmy imagination, it’s you and I holdinghands in a house
Iwill keep this kind love until the end of the earth



OnlyU, only the smile that you show me
OnlyU, the lips that told me love
Only U Only U OnlyU
Only U Only U OnlyU
You are my onlylove, forever Only

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