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Skull feat Yang Dong Geun Perfect Game English Translation Lyrics

Skull feat Yang Dong Geun Perfect Game English Translation Lyrics

I'm a pitcher worth 1.5 mil
Because you're nervous, it's the bottom of the 9th inning, 2, 3, full count
With the last slider pitch, you will be out
Are you ready, you cotton bat hitter?
I'm the night that you guys don't want to face
My fast ball is like a petrol bomb that makes all three hitters be out
Every time I pitch, you air swing, I'll throw a pebble and give you an out like King David
Sorry that I threw a fast ball of 160 km/h over your grave
Nobody, no hit, no run, helpless - I'm worth 1.5 mil
Pitcher get ya get ya hands ha

My shoulders might get injured but-
It might just end like this but -
Don't say that this is enough (hot iron, outta fyah)
I man nuh listen to badman talk

I've already gone past my limit for my shoulders
Threw the ball over 200 times (why mi)
Your timing steals the curve from my fastball
It's a game where no one can hit my pitch
Come and try to fight me

I wipe and wipe but my sweat doesn't stop
I tried to pretend that I'm not in front of otherse but
I'm still afraid - no matter where I go, I letttin people know
With the wings called victory hello mami

I'd rather have fame than money
My name is here and there and everywhere
No one can point out my flaw
No no them can't get me down

All you have are excuses
My body frame may be small but ain't no doubt
People without base is now
No no them can't get me out

Hello hello hello hello
I put my life on the line with just one ball
Hello hello hello hello
I go on the mound at the overtime 15th inning

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