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NS Yoonji What Do You Know English Translation Lyrics

NS Yoonji (Feat. Verbal Jint) - What Do You Know 니가 뭘 알아 English Translation Lyrics

Because you love me, you try to forget me
With words like that, you hurt me
Why is that all you can give me yeah
All day, in front of the mirror
I draw you out and I talk
Saying stop this painful love yeah

* Tears, please stop
Words saying I love you
Please let me go now (though I don't like it)
It hurts (it hurts) it hurts (it hurts) it hurts (it hurts)
Though I don't want to hurt
It hurts (it hurts) it hurts

** What do you know about love?
What do you know about pain?
The one word that will save me is you
You just don't know
It's you, it's you but you don't know

After thinking about it, why do you keep
Making me into a bad guy - it's unfair
You should look at the forest, but you keep looking at a tree
And do you think that I'm not in pain too?
People fall in love and people break up
You never know where or when a person's heart might move
You know that time is medicine to everything
You are too good for me
If it's you, you can meet a better guy right away
Loneliness is just momentary
It's not because I have someone else
My heart also hurts

I still see you in front of my eyes
Even the sound of the door seems like you
Everyone says that you left me (please now)

* repeat

** repeat

Tears, please, just for today
Please hold back
Just one word
The word that will save me
It was you

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