Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Lisa Chool (출) Queen Insoo OST English Lyrics

Lisa Chool (출) Queen Insoo OST English Translation Lyrics

* The starlight in the sky fills up the night
So that my heart can breath and rest
I gather the withered flowers
And pour out my tears
But my heart still has no place to stay

My foolish tears,
My hopes that could not attain

The dawn that can never return
I try to hold onto it

While I live, I push myself down
And I find a life that is up in the sky

* repeat

As I see the stars falling on top of the days we used to love
I leave myself to the rain drops

White lies saying I love you
Crumbles in my heart in the silence

I give my love to the moonlight and put it to sleep
So that my heart cannot be found

I tell myself I can't you see again
And I pour out my heart but

I can't have a single love

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