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Kim Yeo Hee December English Translation Lyrics

Kim Yeo Hee (Feat. Paloalto) December English Translation Lyrics

* Everything is turning white
Just like magic through the night
In front my eyes, you are there
Now I want to know your heart
Now tell me about your love

The whole world is turning white today (it's the long awaited white Christmas)
I think about what to do now - although my pounding heart is a secret

* repeat

She is always so joyful
Shall I ask her out on this approaching Christmas Day?
I don't want to regret but my courage lacks
I'm honestly worried that I will lose her again this time
I will try to go as my difficult heart goes
You are waiting for me to be a bit more courageous
But even I think I'm no good for you
I just spend all night thinking about you

As I wait for you, the songs ring (a merry merry Christmas)
Today, these streets that I always walk on seem to (twinkle twinkle) be more special

* repeat

Shall I reveal my heart that I hid?
As if it's nothing, a little coldly
I waited for a long time
I want to tell you first, I love you

Time stops and I only hear my heart pound
The words that I practice burst out
What should I say next?
I want to say loving you

On this street that we walk, the white snow falls
I hear the Christmas melody
I do I do, need you for you
I sing of my love

Merry Christmas

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