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Alex Alex Me too,Flower! OST Lyrics

Alex - A Day Without You (니가 떠난 하루) Me Too, Flower OST

Empty times with no meaning,
Are my days without you
I can't believe this empty room
So I close my eyes and meet you

In my dream, the path is always filled with spring
You and I, we walk in sync
With a smile so pretty like a lie
You lift your head and look at me

* When I open my eyes, it's separation again
Even though this separation has been repeated endlessly
Your approaching smile becomes more and more clear
It's a dream that's so happy that it hurts

Because it was you, who only gave me warmth - to the point of tears
Because it was you who left
Without any words, without the common goodbyes

* repeat

I still always think about you
As if nothing happened
About you, who comes into my arms again

No matter how hard I try to erase you
No matter how much time passes
In this empty space that becomes more and more unfamiliar
Without knowing, I close my eyes again

When I open my eyes, it's separation again
The end of separation that has been repeated endlessly
Now come back - will you come into my arms without any words?
I will wait a little longer

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