Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Tutorial Customize your Windows 7 desktop

Customize your Windows 7 desktop

1. Patch your Uxtheme (for Windows 7 x86, x64) with Uxtheme Patcher
2. Download this visual style Nordstrom Visual Style Windows 7
3. Extract and put theme in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
4. Select Nordstrom visual style. There are five substyles : Nordstrom curve, diagonal, small icon, no text and normal. I usually prefer to use diagonal substyle.

5. Change the default wallpaper that comes with Nordstrom. Gaia wallpaper (first screenshot), Pyramid Louvre (second screenshot).
6. Customize the taskbar by reading the tutorial here : How to Customize Windows 7 taskbar and Start Menu Button
7. And lastly the icon pack that I used is Flurry. Download Flurry Icon Pack at deviantart.
8. That’s it. Very easy and can be done within 10 minutes only.

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