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Tips to Increase Alexa Rank for Blog 2011

1. Focus on Increasing Blog Traffic

Alexa looks for popularity and buzz a site or blog creates rather than actually the blog traffic. So don’t think that by getting thousands of unique visits/day you would get a decent Alexa rank to show to your fellow bloggers.

2. Take up Blog Commenting

Now I know this technique or tip is widely known. But what many bloggers don’t know is the answer to these three questions. So let me answer them individually.
  • Choosing the right Blog to Comment on

  • Is it necessary to just randomly comment on other blogs without even reading a blog post

  • How much time should I devote towards Blog Commenting 10-15 minutes on an average for reading and commenting on some good blogs that I regularly follow.

3 Increase your Blog’s Social Media presence

Alexa rank takes into consideration the buzz around a site. So if you don’t promote blog posts well enough in Social Media’s like Twitter, Facebook and most recently Google+ then you shouldn’t be expecting a good Alexa ranking for your blog. The simple logic of Alexa ranking system is to measure the noise a site or blog makes anywhere in the Internet. You also need to take care that you don’t spam your timeline. So promote your blog posts effectively with the use of scheduling apps like Buffer, and others.

4. Submit to High PR/DoFollow Blogging Community Sites

I have already made a list of good and High PR DoFollow Blogging Community Sites which includes Blog Engage, Indiblogger, Blokube, MMOSocialNetwork and BizSugar. I prefer submitting to most of these sites as submitting a blog post to each and every Blogging Community is not easy and pretty much time consuming.

5. Use Alexa Toolbar, Widget ?

Notice that I’ve put a question mark at the end of the heading. That’s because even I’m unsure whether an Alexa Widget helps in getting your blog higher Alexa rankings. But yes, I have noticed that an Alexa toolbar does help in increasing Alexa rank. So always install an Alexa toolbar in your Firefox Browser or make use of Alexa Traffic Rank extension for Chrome.

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