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Super Junior Y English Translation Lyrics

Super Junior Y English Translation Lyrics

When I see you, I only smile- even shy smiles
Your eyes that look at me- are they sad and talking of goodbye baby?

Are you that tired of seeing the same person
and doing the same things every day?
Will you forgive me?
Please think about it one more time
I won't let you go now

*I'm a fool to have made you cry
Letting you go was because I was lacking
Forgive me for trying to erase you
Please- so that I can breathe again

When I see you, I cry- you make me into a fool
When you have a change of heart, I will be standing there on your way back baby

The breakup that you prepared
hurts me so bad that I could die, even after time passes
There's still so much that I have to do for you before I let you go


Where do I start? Starting at some point, we lost the preciousness (you know even if I don't say it)
But I miss each second of each minute and
Your beautiful, eye-blinding smile
I hope this touches you heart
Will my sad prayer pass this rain and pass on to you?
I'm so in pain right now because you have left
I'm so in pain- why is it so hard?
I think about you every night
Do you know how anxious I get if I don't think about you for just one day?
You probably don't know- there's no way you will know
If you think of me once in a while, then please come back then

**Saying I love you, saying it to you
Saying I miss you, Saying I want to hug you, and only you
I want to protect you
For you, who will come back to me

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