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Sistar New World English Translation Lyrics

Sistar New World English Translation Lyrics

Sistar! This is new world baby! Let me tell u'bout your attitude.
Be confident, Do not give up. yeah, I got chu baby~!

* Oh uh uh uh Yeah Yeah uh uh uh
Wow wow uh uh uh Yeah Yeah Oh uh uh uh

Even though I'm really pretty, don't be intimidated
Even though it's unbelieveable, we're the brand new couple
I'll show you the magic carpet ride in front of us
When you open your eyes, you'll see- Oh my god sweety paradise

Don't look anywhere else, don't scratch your head in confusion
Don't beat around the bush but just look at me
Even though I don't say it straight up
You're lack of courage is so frustrating yeah

** Please be snooty baby
Be a little more manly and come to me and grab me
Just be snooty baby
Please show me that you're more charming than I thought
Come and fly ah ah uh oh oh
I like you so much like this- you're the best because it's you baby
Come and smile ah ah uh oh Oh
I like you so much like this- yeah- it's rising up

* repeat

Your scent that caught me, your courage inside your confession
If you forget that for a second, you're gone forever- goodbye (bye)
It's new world- don't think- just trust me
It's new world right here sweety paradise

Don't be confused, don't think so hard
Don't be shaken but Stand up, Wake up! Boy
Throw away all the useless worries and
Oh baby come to me now ooh ooh

** repeat

Starting now, shout out everything I just said
uh uh uh yeah yeah uh uh uh yeah yeah
Don't think and just lift your hands to the sky
Let's do the countdown 4 3 2 1 !

** repeat
* repeat

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