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SEO Techniques To Avoid

If you are an experienced webmaster, you already know what is black hat SEO. If you are new with this term, then check out this link here to clear your mind. When you start the optimization for your website, always keep in mind that it’s all about technique. If you are using a good technique, you will see good results, if you are using a bad one, you’ll see, as expected, bad results, and sometime in the worst case you’ll get banned from the search engines.

What you’ll always have to keep in mind, is that every day there is a war out there, on the SEO battlefield. But enough blah, blah, blah, let’s cut to the chase, and see what are the techniques that should be avoided:

High keyword density it’s a seo technique used since the beginning of the 90′s, and despite that fact is still used in nowadays. This used to work in it’s glory days, but now it’s a waste of time.

Title Stacking - what you should keep in mind, it’s never using more than one title for your articles, or post pages if you are using wordpress. Some people are using this techinque, but sooner or later they will see the difference, and that it was a total waste of time.

High Inbound Link to one single page , it’s not very natural that one page, in some cases the landing page has 1000- 2000 links, while other pages have no link. That doesn’t look so organic at all.

Don’t even think to distribute Malwares, Viruses, Trojans or Spywares via your website, as the only thing you’ll get from that is a sure ban from search engines. If you have any downloadable materials on your website, make sure you check them for such infections with an updated antivirus software.

Reciprocal Link Technique also used to work back in the 90′s, but in nowadays you’ll get nowhere with that.

The rewriting technique, based on the rewrite of the articles with an automated software, which makes a change of 50-80% of the the original article. But you should keep in mind, that a search engine is always smarter then you. If it sound to good to be true, then probably it isn’t.

Cloacking it’s a very used technique in nowadays. This is done by delivering content based on the IP addresses or the User-Agent HTTP header of the user requesting the page. When a user is identified as a search engine spider, a server-side script delivers a different version of the web page, one that contains content not present on the visible page, or that is present but not searchable. The purpose of cloaking is sometimes to deceive search engines so they display the page when it would not otherwise be displayed (black hat SEO). However, it can also be a functional (though antiquated) technique for informing search engines of content they would not otherwise be able to locate because it is embedded in non-textual containers such as video or certain Adobe Flash components. (source Wikipedia). Never try this technique, as the final result is ban.

Don’t use non-related keywords in your website or blog. Optimize the keywords only for the type of content you got. You will not get any traffic if you are using keywords for which you don’t have any articles or material.  The search engines don’t like this technique, and this attract a negative effect over your website/blog.

Doorway Pages it’s also a bad for search engines. This are web pages that are created for spamdexing, this is, for spamming the index of a search engine by inserting results for particular phrases with the purpose of sending visitors to a different page. Don’t do this, you’ll get ban.

Don’t use excessive tags like h1,h2…bold…you can use it, but don’t abuse it.

Don’t spam your title with an infinite set of keywords like: Keyword, More Keyword, More Company Keyword, Address keyword, etc. keyword…blah blah blah…you get the idea.

Don’t submit your website to 7985 directories, and 12487 search engines or pay for this kind of services 10$. Search engines will find your website anyway, it’s just a matter of time, until you’ll get indexed.

Keep in mind that search engines are well trained to find this kind of techniques and abuses, and sooner or later you’ll get nowhere using them. Try to focus on the organic SEO, and you’ll get more satisfactions when you’ll rank high on search engines with “white HAT seo techniques”, which we will discuss in my next article.

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