Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

KARA New Album September 2011

KARA has announced that they’ll be making comeback in September!

The idol group will release their new album in mid-September, and will resume their activities in Korea for the first time in over six months. KARA is reportedly very busy, carrying out activities in Japan as well, and will only be able to promote their new album in Korea for about three weeks.

A representative stated, “Because KARA has many things scheduled, including an album release in Japan in October, they will only be able to promote in Korea for 3 weeks.”

The girls are also in the midst of choosing their lead song.

A representative from DSP Media has commented, “They are currently reviewing which songs to be their title song. Two songs have been chosen so far and they’ll soon choose their title song for their comeback.”

Regarding their new image, KARA is facing the choice between maintaining their usual bright concept or transforming into something new, possibly a brand new concept.

The representative has also stated, “They are trying their best to live up to their fans’ expectations.”

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