Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

How to increase Alexa rank and Traffics for blogs

Here is some very useful tips on how to increase the Alexa rank, increase blog traffics and increase blog pageviews. I’ve tried this method on various blogs and it’s really worked. This tips is really simple and efficient, a must try especially for newbie bloggers.

Basic requirements

- Submit your blog to 3 main search engine, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Please submit sitemap to Google Webmaster tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Central. Also, please copy Google Analytics tracking code into your blog’s theme.
I recommend using All in one webmaster wordpress plugins to ease the tasks.
- Facebook account or fan page linking to your blog.
- Twitter account linking to your blog.
- RSS feed, please burn your blog rss feed with Feedburner.

How to increase Alexa rank

1. Register your blog with Alexa. (link)
2. Get someone to rate your for blog at Alexa website. (example).
3. Put Alexa widgets and your blog, preferably at visible location. (link)
4. Install Alexa toolbar for your browser. IE user please use the Alexa toolbar. Firefox user can use SearchStatus add-on and Chrome user can install SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar extension.This tools will dramatically increase the Alexa rank of your blog.

5. When you published new posts, please submit the posts address to social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon, Delicious , LinkedIn and Digg. For SU, I recommend using the SU Firefox add-on because it provide vast features and easy bookmarking.

6. Submit and verify your blog at technorati, mybloglog and blogcatalog.
7. Do search engine optimization (seo)  for your blog.
8. Use seo optimized wordpress theme. Premium wordpress themes are usually already optimized for seo.
9. Place an entrecard widget at your blog. (register entrecard here).
10. Update your blog with fresh contents regularly. Minimum 3 articles daily if you are serious in blogging.
11. Give cool freebies to your blog visitors such as eBooks, premium wordpress themes, premium wordpress plugins, icons etc.
12. Organize contests and offer great prizes for winners. You may require the contestants to write entries and link back to your blog. Easy traffics.

13. Use Google Images redirect trick to gain pageviews from Google Images if you have lots of picture in your blog.
14. Install related posts plugin with thumbnails such as linkwithin or nrelate.
15. Use featured posts gallery, random posts widgets etc.
16. Use either hellobar, apture bar, wibiya toolbar or gigya toolbar.
17. Use Triberr if you have lots of twitter followers. You friend will automatically retweet your new blog posts when available.

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