Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

How to enable Adobe Flash Player 11 in Google Chrome

If you recently updated to Adobe Flash Player 11 beta for desktop, you probably noticed that Google Chrome does not use the latest Flash Player 11 beta plugin but instead Chrome will use its internal flash player which is Flash Player 10.3.

To enable Adobe Flash Player 11 for Google Chrome, you can disable the Chrome’s built-in Flash Player and use Flash Player beta release.

How to enable Flash Player 11 beta on Google Chrome

1. Type chrome://plugins in adress bar and disable Flash 10.3 (default is enable)

2.  Visit Adobe Flash Player Labs and download Flash Player 11 Beta installer – for all other browsers. Install and restart Google Chrome.

3. In chrome://plugins click on + Details button at top right and then select Enable on Shockwave Flash 11. The top one is the built in Flash Player 10.3 that you disable just now.

4. Check your Adobe Flash Player version here, and you now using Adobe Flash Player 11 for Chrome.
5. For Adobe Flash Player 11 changelogs or what’s new in Flash 11 you can read here : Download Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta for desktop

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