Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

How to Create a Custom Facebook Pages 2011

How to Create a Facebook App for your Page

Enough of theory, let’s now get our hands dirty and build a custom tab app for our Facebook Page.
Step 1: Open Google Sites and create a new site. Choose “Blank Slate” for the theme and set the width as 500px (the Facebook Pages canvas can be 520px wide).

Step 2: Create a new page in Google Sites and add some content to this page using either the built-in WYSIWYG editor or switch to the HTML view for any custom code. You may insert images, maps, videos, and everything else just like a regular HTML page.

Step 3: Switch to Facebook and search for the “Developer” app. Add this to your Facebook Profile and then click on the button that says “Create a new App”. Give your app a name and also add an icon since it will show up in your Facebook page.

Step 4: Under Facebook –> Canvas Settings, set the URLs for Canvas and Tab the same as your Google Site’s URL. The regular Canvas /Tab URL should point to the http version of the Google Sites while the Secure Canvas /Tab URL should use the https version.

Step 5: We are almost done. On the “Canvas Settings” page itself, click “View App Profile Page” followed by “Add to My Page” to add that app to any of your Facebook Pages as a new “tab.” If you wish to create more tabs for your custom Facebook Page, you just have to create new apps using the same steps.

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