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HITT Run Away English Translation Lyrics

HITT Run Away English Translation Lyrics

A-Yo just hold on listen up
H. I. double T
It like carbonated bubble tea

I see you every night, beautiful girl
My everyday life is just like the unchanging clock
Still in the boring, dark and small room
The time goes by tick, tock and are you still there?

I don't know why, have you forgotten already?
(I don't know why, try to remember
That heart that you wanted so badly)
You don't know why, there's no wall, no no no more
(You don't know why, get out of the reality
No pain, no gain, search for yourself, run away)

*Stand up for love, you're too nice and naive
No pain, no gain, get out of your zone and search for yourself
Stand up for love, scream that you hate it
No no no no run away, run away, run away girl

I know you pretty girl, you were a girl full of dreams
But now you put on the same make-up and facial expression
And it's really boring

You look at your small-self through the mirror covered with dust
With an emotionless face, doo roob doo doo-

Please tell me why, was it really hard for you?
(Tell me why, don't give up
Go back to that time, wake up the mind)
You don't know why, there's no wall, no no no more
(You don't know why, you have decided to
Search yourself that was hidden inside you, run away)


There's not much time left, there's no warmth in that cold place of yours
Don't avoid it anymore
You can have it all if you want it
You are the one, you'll fly away

No matter what anyone says, kick in the door
Forget about the reality that's blocking your future
You're the main character, show me more of you
And overcome storms by being you, no doubt


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