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Google AdWords TM SME Malaysia

3 August 2011,Kuala Lumpur- Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) today sealed a strategic collaboration with Google, the world’s most popular search engine to offer an online marketing tool to its SME customers, in the Company’s effort to further enhance its product offerings to Malaysian SMEs. This collaboration is the first of its nature between TM and an internationally-renowned search engine, which will see TM offering Google’s search advertising platform – Google AdWords services to its SME customers in Malaysia.
Google AdWords is a service that allows businesses to create and run ads quickly and with ease on Google sites and on Google’s partner websites. AdWords ads are displayed along with the search results when someone searches Google using an advertiser’s keyword, specifically targeting an audience segment that’s already interested. AdWords uses a pay-per-click model which means advertisers only pay when ads are clicked.
Azizi A Hadi, Executive Vice President of SME, TM, signed the Agreement on behalf of TM, witnessed by Mohamad Yusman Ammeran, General Manager, SME, TM whilst Google was represented by Country Business Head, Google Inc., Sajith Sivanandan and witnessed by Derek Callow, Head of Google Southeast Asia Marketing, Google Inc.
Speaking at the event, Azizi said that TM is committed to provide customized, cost-effective communication tools and solutions for Malaysian SMEs by exploring initiatives that will enhance their businesses and provide support in pushing Malaysian SMEs up the value chain.
“Both TM and Google are committed to leverage on our core strengths and competencies to build up credibility and the capability of SMEs in Malaysia in areas and services related to Broadband Internet, online applications, online marketing and e-Commerce. This collaboration between Malaysia’s Broadband Champion and the World’s Leading Search Engine, also brings both parties closer towards enabling the SMEs to penetrate into a borderless global market by utilising ICT as a powerful marketing tool to further enhance their businesses and visibility at the global front through segmented and targeted online marketing. With Google AdWords, TM SME customers will be able to advertise their businesses to people searching via Google using their own pre-defined keywords,” said Azizi.
Through this partnership, TM will be offering Google AdWords marketing coupons to its SME customers in Malaysia which can be used to start an online marketing campaign to promote their products and services locally and also internationally. At this initial stage, the coupons, which worth between RM 150 to RM 500, will be given for free to selected TM SME customers as a note of appreciation and a reward for their loyalty to TM.
“Google is committed to helping build Malaysia’s businesses and the collaboration with TM allows us to further assist small to mid-sized businesses” said Sajith Sivananthan, head of Google in Malaysia. “There is tremendous potential for businesses here to go global with the help of Google’s tools, reach and expertise.”
“This year TM is continuing our focus on seeking and working with key collaborators, including industry associations as part of our efforts to increase TM’s outreach to SME communities, and today, we are witnessing yet another collaboration, this time with an international media partner to assist SMEs in their marketing angles. This partnership adds value to TM’s partnership with SMEs in line with the Company’s aspiration to become the preferred communications partner for SMEs. Such collaborations will also help to expand high speed broadband usage to more Malaysians and through this partnership with Google, we also hope to accelerate ICT adoption amongst the SMEs as aspired by the National Broadband Plan. With SMEs contributing 37% of Malaysia’s GDP, they are a force to be reckoned with in the nation’s economic development. TM will continue to support potential SMEs through mutual collaborative efforts that would enhance the competitiveness of products that they offer,” Azizi further added.
For more information on TM and its products for the SME, Consumer and Government markets, log on to www.tm.com.my. For more information on Google Adwords, visit adwords.google.com.

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