Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011


Rock group GLAY will be releasing three new singles back-to-back, starting in October. The first single titled, “G4・II -THE RED MOON-“, will be released on October 5th.

The title of the single is a sequel to 2006’s “G4“, and will contain four new songs that each of the members wrote themselves. The jacket covers will come with four special solo shots, where fans will get to choose which member they want on their cover.

The single will be released in preparation for their nationwide tour, “GLAY HIGH COMMUNICATIONS TOUR 2011-2012 ‘RED MOON & SILVER SUN’“, and will be released only on ‘GLAY Official Store G-DIRECT‘, which will open on August 12th. This plan was put into effect based on loversoul music & associates’s idea: “Depending on the time, a single should be released with a plan.”

In November, GLAY will release the second of their three singles. This single will be released as usual through CD shops as “a work that has a meaning of delivering extensively to the world.”

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