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Copy Email Address of your RSS Feed Subscribers from Feedburner

Hey :) Blogger's ! here I am with my new topic and i hope this post/information helps you a lot. Basically, I was searching how to know my subscribers email address who have all subscribed to my blog posts via RSS feed through feedburner. After searching a lot, finally i got to know how to check(see) the whole list of email address of my RSS feed subscribers through my feedburner account. Its very simple and easy to copy the whole list of email address of my RSS feed subscribers through feedburner account. It looks little bit complicated to follow the following steps in your feedburner account but don't worry blogger friends I'll explain it in an easy way.


By knowing the Email address of your RSS feed subscribers you can occasionally send them any special messages or if you want to send them any serial keys you can. In feedburner the process of copying the whole list of email address of your RSS Feed subscribers is very easy but looks to be complicated. Anyway demerit of sending emails to all your subscribers at once may result in copying of those email address by spammers and can use these email address for the promotion of their spammy businesses.

Here is a detailed step by step explaination of "How to copy Email address of your RSS Feed Subscribers from feedburner"

1#. Login to your feedburner account.

2#. Click on the blog title (The blog from which you want to export email addresses.)


3#. Now click on “Publicize” Tab on feedburner.


4#. Now click on "Email Subscriptions" button which is placed in left side of your feedburner account.


5#. Now click on "Subscription Management" button which is below "Email Subscriptions" in your feedburner account.


6#. Now click on "View subscriber details" which is located at the bottom of the page. Woo!! Now you will see the whole list of email address of your subscribers.


7#. Now you click on “Export CSV” button and save/download the file. (The file will be in Excel format) You can open the file in Microsoft Office Excel. The file contains the whole list of email address of your subscribers who have subscribed to your posts from feedburner.



Woo! Now all your RSS feed subscribers email address has been saved in Excel file (.csv format) and now you can send direct emails on there email address. In gmail you can send a maximum to 500 emails at a time.

Anyway it works !! I hope you understood the above process easily :) :)  

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