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Cara Repair Komputer Slow

A common complaint of people who call computer support hotlines is that their computers have become slow. They say that it is unresponsive and are not able to run their programs as fast as they used to. Some would even drive all the way to an IT Support shop just because of the frustrations that having a slow computer can have.

One should know that there are many reasons that can be attributed for a computer being slow. Some of these reasons are complex and would probably need some form of computer support, while some can actually be done by people who have a basic knowledge of using a computer.

Here are a few of the things that one can look into when trying to repair a slow computer:

Remove unnecessary programs:
Before you call computer support, you may want to check the various installed programs in your computer. If you have too many programs, these can cause conflicts and make your computer become slow and unresponsive.

You should uninstall programs that are not necessary or are unused, especially those that automatically open themselves at startup. These are notorious for truly bogging down the computer system.

Check your components:

You may also want to check the various components of your computer system. If you have fading motherboards, poor memory chips and other faulty computer peripherals, then it would really affect your system’s performance. You should know that heat, and the wear and tear of regular use for the computers can really take its toll on your setup.

You should replace these faulty items with better or newer parts to ensure faster operations. If you do not know which parts to get, then you could ask the guys at your nearby IT Support shops to pick the peripherals and components that you would need.

Remove viruses and other malware:

Lastly, you should ensure that your system is free from viruses and malware. These harmful programs can really make your system run slower. You should try to protect your PC so that these kinds of harmful software would not be able to penetrate or damage your system.

If your computer had already been breached and has traces of viruses or other forms of malware, then you should immediately contact a computer support team to have them removed. Once your computer is clean, you may see that it would have a boost in its speed.

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