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Buffet Berbuka Puasa Nasi Padang di Melting Pot Cafe 2011

NASI PADANG PARIAMAN di Melting Pot Café, Concorde Hotel

Mother and son duo, Nurdeli Mansorman (Mak Deli), 57 and Irwan Arifin, 29 will be dishing up a stunning array of Padang specialities for this year’s Ramadan buffet.

Padang food is the cuisine of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is amongst the most popular food in Maritime Southeast Asia. Padang food is also popular in neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore. Its food is famous for its rich taste of succulent coconut milk and spicy chilli.


Both cooks originate from Pariaman, a coastal city located in West Sumatra. The distinct difference between Padang and Malay cuisine lies on the method of cooking. Of course, there are similar dishes by name, yet one or two main ingredients used in a Padang dish can give a totally different taste, texture and aroma.

Signature dishes from the duo include ayam goreng berempah, daging dendeng bakar (salai), daging dendeng berlado, rendang daging Pariaman, ayam opor, ikan goreng sambal merah, ikan berlemak belimbing, sotong berlado, sayur pucuk paku, sambal terung, dendeng paru, udang sambal petai, udang tusuk and more. Padang flavoured curries are usually called gulai. Favourites include gulai urat kaki lembu and other flavourful ones like gulai udang, gulai kepala ikan and gulai ayam. Specialty at the ikan bakar live cooking action will be a sure hit! The perfect marination of 18 ingredients is the secret to Padang’s recipe.

Side items such as petai rebus with assorted keropok malinjo, keropok kulit lembu, bergedel are must-haves, can be eaten in between your mains. These dishes are so delicious, so tasty with a hot plate of rice anytime of the day! Be sure to keep your August calendar free for a great culinary experience right here! Nasi Padang promotion has three daily rotation menus.

Mak Deli has been residing in Malaysia for 17 years. She is currently busy with her daily job, cooking at a restaurant in Ampang area. She has nine children, four are boys. Her sidekick cook for this promotion, Irwan is the seventh child. Whilst Irwan is busy running his textile and furniture business in Kuala Lumpur, he still finds time to in the kitchen, cooking his best Padang dishes.

Melting Pot is offering a 20% discount during the first and fourth week of Ramadan. Price : RM89.00++ per person. Melting Pot’s kitchen officially received its ‘halal’ certification from Jakim on July 16, 2011.

To book seats this Ramadan, please call Melting Pot Café at 21442200 extn 2337.

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