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Brown Eyed Girls Timing English Translation Lyrics

Brown Eyed Girls Timing English Translation Lyrics

Yeah oh you look so nice, uh huh, you’re not gonna fail, just try it, uh huh yeah

You might have no idea but you and I- we're connected now
I know that you are the one
You could feel deja vu
Can't you forget everything and Can’t you be just my boo? Come on

My eyes are strong- I'm filled with confidence
I'm pretty satisfied with myself
The way you act toward me is pretty chill
I like you as a man
You clearly want me but you are carefully measuring it out

Come to me- change my heart, my eyes, my ears, my everything
Open me up, whoa whoa whoa
If it's a pointless, everyday interest, I can't give you my love no no no no~

Yeah, honey, do you know you got me all?
As soon as I walked into the bar and saw you, I felt it- we got the same soul
Loose moods- I don't know what I want or what I expect
because I'm just enjoying the atmosphere but
Come to me boy~ wrap your two arms around my shoulder
Because I don’t give a thang where you’re from or what you do
With half-closed eyes, slightly brush your lips against mine
let me open my eyes, take me to your paradise

I pass by you as I pretend not to see you
I pretend that I'm not even looking at you
This is how I'm checking you out
On the outside, you pretend-
You flirt with other girls but you still check me out- now catch me~
Sometimes it's good to be straight up so show yourself to me
Time is ticking and it's getting late

((Chorus)) repeat

Give me a smile~ Give me a vibe~
Find out what I want with the past time
Hold me- wake me up from what I've been holding in whoa whoa whoa~
If you're going to give me painful, deep, disposable memories
Then please just leave no no no~

((Chorus)) repeat

Yeah take that chance when I turn my head away
I thought I would explode from this crowded place
Please make your move, yo boy,
I know how you feel by seeing you stare at me
Come to me- now we're just a stride away
I catch your slight scent and I like it
You’re gonna make it slow
I know how this night will end up

Come to me huh~ huh~

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