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Best Free Firefox Add-ons 2011

1. NoScript

There's a browser safer than Firefox... It is Firefox, with NoScript!
The NoScript Firefox extension provides extra protection for Firefox: this add-on allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice (e.g. your online bank), and provides the most powerful Anti-XSS protection available in a browser. NoScript's unique whitelist based pre-emptive script blocking approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and even not known yet!) with no loss of functionality. Although whitelisting your favourite websites may seem an annoyance at first, this addon really does shine when you accidently stumble upon a 'bad' website.
2. Adblock Plus

Ever been annoyed by all those ads and banners on the internet that often take longer to download than everything else on the page? Install Adblock Plus now and get rid of them!
Adblock Plus combined with Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper can create magic. It allows user to select HTML content of the page, and so it enhances the advertisement filter scope to virtually full. For example, using element hiding helper one can remove sections from GMail, Orkut, Facebook, etc. showing advertisement content. The extension provides user with simple and advance view modes, with preview facility.
3. Redirect Remover

mainly has two purposes:
  1. Speed up browsing by de-proxyfying images and directly jumping to link-target
  2. Increase transparency on some links by showing "real" link-target
It doesn't increase privacy a great deal but where it does shine is stopping redirects. Ever been on a website and you constantly get redirected to another 10 websites? This stops this! If you would like to test your Redirect Remover installation, have a look at the test page with all kinds of links containing redirects, special characters and so on.
4. FoxSaver
 gives you a screen-saver for your Firefox, with really good pictures: view nice non-offensive public pictures in your Firefox screen-saver added at the owner site, set your own picture's folder, get it from public RSS feed, scroll through these nice pictures, or see pictures whenever you want.
Let's say your are tired after a lot of browsing; and got to get a cup of coffee, this screen-saver starts protecting your Firefox screen with nice, attractive, peaceful pictures.
A lite-weight add-on worth to have.
5. Add-on Collector

A Mozilla-given way to organize your addons.
Its features include capabilities to recommend, share and sync addons; and the simple, 3-page interface provides an effective way to do so. Browse all add-ons collections at:, set the collections you like as favorite, or create your own.
Below are simple steps you can follow to install add-ons from your favorites, create your favorites, publish your favorite add-ons to your collection and get notifications when your favorites are updated.
  1. Create account at:
  2. Install Add-on Collector
  3. Restart browser to complete the addon installation
  4. Go to Tools-->Add-ons-->Select Add-on Collector-->Click Options-->Subscriptions
  5. Enter your login details created in step 1
  6. Now you will see 'Subscriptions' tab in Tools-->Add-ons
  7. This tab will provide list of add-ons from your favorites
  8. On selection of your installed add-on in the mail window (Tools-->Add-ons), it will show 'Publish To' button to publish selected add-on to your own collection.
Lazarus: Form Recovery

Recover those forms the easy way!
This addon secretly saves everything you write into a form and keeps it secure within it's own 'form history'. A number of things can happen when you're writing on the internet; browser crashes, server timeouts, accidently clicking back pretty much anything! This let's you simply go back to where you were writing, right click, 'Recover Form' and done! You can paste back exactly what you were writing.

This becomes a real lifesaver if you use webmail, forums, editing content, anything at all! This is a worth-while addon you can simply install, forget and use when needed.

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