Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Bang Yong Guk I Remember English Translation Lyrics

I don't know why all of our hell-like memories are still in my head
I will remember all of our past days, how you played me
I completely changed because of you
I don't smile anymore like before
I don't care about love anymore, my heart is all crushed
I tried my best to froget about you
I wanted to be greater than anyone so you could regret
Yeah, my music that you looked down on
Is playing on the streets of Seoul (Rock on)
Our old habits hold me back
And I drown in your thoughts, that is like a nightmare
But I won't forget, because it's you whom I loved
Yes, I remember

*Even with my eyes closed
The light that shined us is still there
I will keep our precious memories deep inside
Even if pain comes along with the days
The days we promised eternal love
I will never forget those moments
I remember

I don't know what you've done to me
Just like that
Forget it, I will never fall in love, I came back, yeah
Forget everything, I don't need anything anymore
Now I can fall asleep without you
The spotlight shines your empty spot
The fact that you left me because you didn't believe in my dream
This reality drives me crazy
I'm hot stuff, I hurt feelings of people like you who wanna hang out with me
This is my own way of living a mean life
The only thing that remained after continuous break-ups
There's no such promise like forever
That helped me come all the way here
Since you let me go, don't ever look at me again
I believe that you think the same way as I do
Never forget, yes I remember


Our promise to be together forever
I will keep it here forever
Even if I walk this road by myself for a bit
I will show you my everything


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