Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

Shin Min Ah – 다 줄 수 있어 (I Can Give You All) English Translation Lyrics


I didn’t know until I was broken-hearted
where love stayed was inside my chest
Just looking at you, my yearning grows even deeper
I give and give, but why is it not enough?
There is nothing in return, but you’re my everything now

I can give you all. For you, I can give everything.
Oh the blowing wind, please pass along my love to him
No matter where I go
when I’m not here in the far future
when I’m not here in the far future
I’ll still protect him with my passionate love
I love you, until the day I die

I wanted for nothing when I was on my own
Now I want only you, I don’t see anyone else
I can do everything if I stay by your side
Just to live for one day, if I can be with you
that will do. I don’t need anything else.
Now I understand what it is like to truly live
You are a gift to me
I love you for ever and ever

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