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Pictures Kim So Eun CECI Magazine August 2011

Actress Kim So Eun has showed off her captivating complexion for a Chanel pictorial in CECI magazine.
Kim So Eun portrayed both feminine loveliness and sexiness for the photo spread in CECI magazine. With a combination of colorful makeup and styling, Kim So Eun showed off her charms through a variety of concepts including, “Khaki Gradation“, “Retro Flash“, and “Smoky Fantasy“.

In particular, Kim So Eun mesmerized viewers by making a variety of expressions for each concept, giving off a chic and graceful appeal.
According to a CECI representative on set,
I was surprised by Kim So Eun’s different images that would change according to each concept. Every time her makeup would change, the facial expressions that she made were alluring.
It was like watching magic. The mix of Chanel’s new product concept and Kim So Eun’s charm is going to leave people spellbound.”
Kim So Eun’s Chanel beauty pictorial can be found in the August issue of CECI magazine.

Photos/Pictures Kim So Eun CECI Magazine August 2011

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