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Outsider - Oh, Boys English Translation Lyrics

Outsider (아웃사이더) - Oh, Boys (소년이여) English Translation Lyrics

The only thing I have is this body of mine
Music and I are one
Wherever I go, my heart sings
A life wanderer that constantly seeks knowledge
With pride that doesn’t bow down to anyone
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
You’ve become as much a part of my life as eating
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
A boy’s passion is spending the night writing lyrics
It’s the unchanging roots of my faith and beliefs
Actions rather than thoughts, challenge rather than question
I made it through practice rather than a knack
I turned the page and my head overflowed with rhyme and flow
There was a time when the smallest of things made me happy
But I put a brake on my weak efforts
I may be small, but I created my own limits
Judging me and deciding is confidence
At times, it’s simple
Standing up to the difficult task of being confident
With unfaltering faith and succeeding
Having attained what you wanted
But aiming for an even greater goal

*Oh, boys be ambitious
There’s no need to hesitate
Oh, boys keep your eyes on you
Yes, try again
Even if we look different
Even if we dream different dreams
Remember the way you walked that path
Lean on me when you’re tired
Take my hand and walk with me
I’ll be at the end of the road

If you ask me what I do for a living
If you ask me how I am
I have nothing to say
If I look back on my life, there’s nothing but obstacles
When you’re young, you search for trouble
Motto and growth are proportional to pain
The past, present, and future
The weight of present troubles
Is a product of your hopes for tomorrow
That’s why even though the probability’s low
My heart always flutters
Like living with a lotto ticket in my possession
Faith in my passion
Effort rooted in faith is a must
Fate and destiny are a plus
This song is the dream of a young boy working toward his goals
I like my alcohol strong
Like Bacardi 151, something to wash everything down
Like an absinthe
Its green magic winds around me
Close your eyes, pull out what you’ve been repressing for so long
Roaming the gaudy mountainside
Rainy day
I don’t care if it rains and I lose my way
As long as I’m with you
Journeys aren’t easy
Hot passion doesn’t rest
At times, snowy days are nice
The ground dances, the wind blows
The place the boy dream of
El Dorado
Lives breathe, the sun opens its eyes
The place where the boy write poems
El Dorado
Passions burns on, despair trembles
The place the boy sings of
El Dorado
This is definitely the world I dreamed of
Bursting out of the birdcage
A trip to find myself


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