Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Miliyah Kato - BELIEVE

After the success of Love Forever and Forever Love, Kato Miliyah and Shimizu Shota are back together for their third collaboration single Believe! “BELIEVE” is the twenty-second single released by Kato Miliyah and the thirteenth single released by Shimizu Shota. The single is the third collaboration single between them.

One of the most popular musical couplings in the Jpop in recent years, sparks are sure to fly again between the two 22-year-old R&B stars. It’s their first collaborative effort in almost a year and a half, and as expected, “BELIEVE” boasts great synergy and harmonics between the two singers.

Singer : Kato Miliyah
Single : BELIEVE
Release : 13 July, 2011
Label : Sony Music Entertainment.

Track List :

1. BELIEVE feat. Shimizu Shota
2. My love goes on
4. BELIEVE (Instrumental)

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