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iPhone Games Created by Malaysian

When I first using iPhone 4, I was looking for some quality games that are created by Malaysian. Even now, I still randomly browsing on the App Store to find new games so that I can try and buy because I want to support our local iPhone dev. The quantities are still very low but I hope more iPhone games will be developed by our local dev.

Here are top 5 iPhone games created by Malaysian that I find quite interesting and promising.

Top 5 iPhone games created by Malaysian

1. Qalvinius by TeratoTech

Qalvinius is a side-scrolling RPG games created by Terato Tech Sdn Bhd. The graphics and characters resembles Malaysian very much, heck even the character’s name are such as Sir Helmi Hassan and many other’s common Malaysian’s name.
I like the intro of the game, with Malaysian’s style animation. Graphics are good, though I think it does not really have “retina graphics 640×960” and gameplay was a bit slow with too much unneeded dialogues and quest.

2. Milk and Coffee by Citizen Tree

Milk and Coffee is a beautiful casual games by Citizen Tree Sdn Bhd. In this game, the two main character are Milk (white cat) and Coffee (black cat). You need to reunite this two lovey dovey cats in order to win the stage. If you like casual game such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope I’m sure that you will like this game too.

3. Monster Invasion by Citizen Tree

Monster Invasion is another quality games by Citizen Tree Sdn Bhd for iPhone and also iPad. You need to defend England from being invaded by Vikings by using various traps. This game is really fun and enjoyable.

Chinese Zombie War is a new game for iPhone/iPad by Tomato Animation Sdn Bhd . In this game, you need to defend yourself from being attacked by various Chinese Zombies. You can use Taoist weapons to kill the zombies.

I haven’t play the game yet because I just found the games on App Store. It’s not free though.

5. Epic Empires by Art In Software

Epic Empires is a tactical war games by Art In Software Sdn Bhd. On first glimpse, Epic Empires do looks a lot similar to popular Nintendo games, Advance Wars. Players take turns building their army and fighting against each other using the strengths of their units while taking advantage of the terrain.

Epic Empires is available in free and premium version. Premium version offers more features and gameplay is not limited unlike free version.

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