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Homme - I Laugh Because I'm a Man English Translation Lyrics

Homme - I Laugh Because I'm a Man (남자니까 웃는거야) English Translation Lyrics

*I want to cry, but I’m laughing for you
I want to stop you, but I’m letting you go
I’m angry, but I’m holding it in for you
I know everything, but I’m playing dumb for you

**I laugh because I’m a man
I laugh because I’m the man

Why don’t you just go if you’re going to leave? Why say so much?
Why cause my heart so much pain?
You’re sorry, you want me to be happy, are you teasing me?
How can I laugh without you?


Put yourself in my shoes
If you were me and I said good-bye, would you laugh?
I want to cherish this as a beautiful memory
Go when I’m holding it in, before I start crying


I try to hold them back, but the tears keep falling, why is the sky so clear?
I’m a man, but all I want to do is cry, why is the sun so bright?


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