Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

GIRL NEXT DOOR - Dada Para!! Single

Electropop trio GIRL NEXT DOOR have announced that they will be releasing a new single titled, “Dada Para!!“, on September 7th! This single will be the first of a trilogy of songs that seeks to encourage and enliven the world.

“Dada Para” will be similar to GIRL NEXT DOOR’s famous “Infinity“, but with an increased speed. The members commented, “We think it’s a song that will liven things up in many places, starting with our participation in ‘a-nation’ this summer.”

The coupling song, “Pure“, has been picked up for the upcoming NHK mobile drama, “Kingyo Club“. This song is a completely different medium-tempo ballad about a person’s painful love.

The jacket cover for this single displays the vocalist Chisa in dazzling red clothes, with a smile that will bring energy to fans.

Check out the jacket covers and track list below!

1. Dada Para!!
2. Pure
3. Summer Breeze
* Instrumentals

1. Making Movie (1)
2. Dada Para!! (Music Video)
3. Making Movie (2)
4. Yume no Katana (Music Video)

1. Making Movie (1)
2. FREEDOM (“Destination” LIVE)
3. Making Movie (2)
4. Yume no Katana (“Destination” LIVE)
5. Making Movie (3)
6. Unmei no Shizuku (“Destination” LIVE)
7. Making Movie (4)

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