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Drama Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1

For all you Ouran High School Host Club fans out there, the drama is out! Actually, it came out on the 7/22 but I’m slow and nehhhhh :P So, it’s out! And it’s has english subtitles too!

Click here for Episode one with english subtitles.

Below is just a rant about the episode.

First off, the casting and image. I was really relieved when I saw the cast and the twins were actually twins. I mean I was sooooo scared they would just cast two sort of similar guys and dye their hair the same color or something be like “twins!” and I’d be like “NOOOOOOOOO!” Actually, I approve of all the casting. I just wish they had better hair. It’s all unhealthy and not shiny and looks like they styled it, had the cast go to bed, and then started shooting as soon as they woke up again. After an insanely large amount of hairspray. Besides Kyoya.

Another thing about the characters is that it’s really awkward seeing them in real life. In the manga, the mangaka drew them so that they made toothpicks look overweight, so it’s odd seeing them human-sized. But I got used to that eventually. I was also a bit disappointed the girls uniforms didn’t consist of those hideous yellow dresses from the 1800′s, I was kind of looking forward to that.

Moving forward to the characters, I was a bit disappointed in Kyoya especially. His smirk ended up looking more like a grin, and he just smiled too much in general. I was really looking forward to his cool demeanor, but that didn’t really end up happening. Takashi… in the manga and anime he had a very solemn image, but in the drama it seemed like he was more on the rough side. Takashi’s change I don’t really mind, but Kyoya kind of really bothered me :/

Also… Haruhi. Totally. Looked. Like. A. Girl. After. She. Had. A. Make. Over. Like seriously, before I would’ve let it go if you confused her for a guy but afterwards, it was so freaking obvious. That is obviously a girl’s face. It bothered me how they bought it, but I guess they had to for the sake of the drama.

Other than that… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM SO FINISHING EVERY SINGLE EPISODE TWICE XD Their lines are really entertaining, and I really want BTS footsage of the twins XD Their lines must be so awkward.

I like the ending of this episode.

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