Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Cara Nak Access PC Tanpa Password

Access any PC without knowing the password

Hi all users, As you know,getting inside someones pc to which we even have physical access isnt an easy task.Most of them will be password protected.So here's a simple tool that will help you to get access.It is KON BOOT. Rather than cracking a Windows password, KON-BOOT bypasses it and lets you into the computer without typing one in. Then, when you restart, everything is back to normal, that is, everything you didn’t change when you were inside.

No need of any pro knowledge required.Just download this tool.Burn to a disk or setup live usb.Plug it into to victim pc.Start the computer.

You'll see the screen of Kon boot and it'll restart.Then there'll be no password for logging in.After doing your works,restart again and there'll be password as before and no one know..that you were inside.It is that simple to use.

Download here

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