Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Cara Kembalikan Chat Facebook Yang Asal

New Facebook chat is annoying, isn’t it? You can’t scroll all your online/offline friends and the sidebar takes the whole screen. Yes, there are workarounds such as opening facebook popup chat but more people actually wants to use the old facebook chat which is more convenient.
If you are looking for ways to revert back to facebook old chat, here is a working solution for you.

How to revert back to old Facebook Chat

You can revert back to old Facebook chat by installing this userscript : Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion on your Chrome of Firefox browser (IE and Opera not tested).
Features :
- Shows ALL online/idle friends
- Shows ONLY online/idle friends (Doesn’t show offline friends)
- Orders friends by first name
- Groups friends by online and idle.
- Shows total number of online/idle friends when chat bar is open and closed.
- Chat bar adjusts in size based on how many friends you have online.
- Chat bar closes when it loses focus to stay out of your way.
- Does not realign the page when chat opens
- Header to the top of chat that closes the menu when clicked.
- Works for both HTTP and HTTPS
- Searching friends is still possible.
- Going online/offline is still possible.
- Keep the list of online friends on the left hand side of the page always visible even when the chat dialog opens.
- Adds "View Profile" link to the cog menu in each chat window to easily view the profile of the person you are talking to.
To use the script, you need to install Greasemonkey or Scriptish for Firefox while Chrome users can install the  userscript as extension. Just click on INSTALL button and everything will be working exactly as advertised.
However, future facebook updates may break the userscript and the developer makes no promise to support the scripts in the future. But for now, it working perfectly for me and I would recommend for others that’s dislike the new facebook chat to try the script.
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