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Brave Girls - Easily (feat. Skull) English Translation Lyrics

Brave Girls - Easily (feat. Skull) English Translation Lyrics

Today again, I can't fall asleep because of you
I walked on the rainy street
because I kept having tears
I thought if I just kept walking
I would forget you for a moment
I sobbed out loud (I cried everyday)
I am really hating you (lalala)
The sadness of not being able to empty you
Is making things so hard for me
On a starry night
I wanna be with you
This trembling heart
Do you know?
Why do you break up with me so easily
You tell me to go away so easily
You say harsh words so easily
You always do it your way
I love you
So stop hurting me
It hurts too much
Why do you make me cry so easily
Making me feel like crap
Rap lyric)
You always do the opposite of what I say
You're too much how can you not know
A woman's heart to this extent?
You blackened my heart that was once like a white sheet of paper
And you pretend not to know me and just leave
Why why why
Do you make my heart ache
I'm going crazy because of you
I'mma lil girl waiting for your love
Im just a lil girl
I won't cry, I'm alright
Why don't you know that I'm so hurt?
I won't cry, I'm alright
I won't ever do this kind of love like a fool again

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