Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Brave Girls Back to da Future Photos

The Brave Girls have finally released some concept photos for their ‘reggae comeback’ this month with their new mini-album, “Back to da Future“!

Pictures of Eun Young and Yejin sporting a sexy ‘bikini look’ were shared on the girls’ official Twitter. The girls seem to be continuing their chic and confident debut image, but with a sexier twist this time.
Netizens are definitely enjoying the new look, as they left comments like, “It’s very out there!”, “The queen of bagles, Eun Young”, “Definitely the Miss Korea idol right there”, and “Looking forward to see what their other concepts will be like.”

Brave Entertainment revealed, “Like we said previously, the girls will be coming back with a reggae concept. This time, we’re showing off a sexy bikini look, which we’re sure will arouse the curiosity of fans. The concept will be unveiled on July 29th.”
Brave Girls will be releasing their mini-album on July 29th.

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