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After School Red - In the Night Sky English Translation Lyrics

After School Red (애프터스쿨 레드) - In the Night Sky (밤 하늘에) English Translation Lyrics

I don’t wanna love
I don’t wanna love
I don’t wanna love, don’t wanna love you again

You were the one that said you didn’t want to be with me
But why do you keep bothering me now, baby?
You call me just as I’m about to forget you and turn my world upside down, baby

*Don’t be foolish, I used to falter, but now I know
Don’t toy with me
Just you wait and see
I’ll be fine without you
Don’t talk to me

**I talk to the night sky
I won’t cry because of you
I swear on the sky
That I won’t ever see you again
I cry when no one’s watching
I walk the streets alone
Thoughts of you make me furious
I want to curse you, but you’re not worth the pain on my lips

You only look for me when you need me, disappear from my life
You’re impudent, your lies are obvious (so stop that)
I can only feign belief for so long, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten over you
Go your way, Imma go my way
Live your life, Imma live my life


I don’t need you, don’t call me boy
I don’t need you so live your life
I won’t hurt anymore


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