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After School Blue - Wonder Boy English Translation Lyrics

After School Blue (애프터스쿨 블루) - Wonder Boy (원더보이) English Translation Lyrics

Your innocence is so adorable
The way you professed your love to me in the past
We were just friends for so long, awkward times
What to do? What should I do?
I’m beginning to see you as a man now

*Coming, coming, come to me
Will you be my love?
After all this waiting, with all those hidden emotions
Come closer and tell me you love me
I don’t want to be friends anymore

Hold me

Even without words, just holding hands
Makes my heart flutter, I want to hide it
Don’t you know, fool?
At times, I’m still troubled by my past love
I’m a little scared, but will you protect me?
As your girlfriend


Don’t you know how I feel?
Just remember one thing
I love you

You’re the only one I see
I love you, the one that shines brighter than the stars in the sky
Will you promise me one thing?

So I dream the same dreams as you
So I look to the same place as you
So I can forever be with you
Promise me

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